Bed & Wellness 

Your heart recommends Swiss Stone Pine Wood 

Health benefits
The wood of Swiss stone pine (Arve, Zirbe), with its bio-active powers drawn from pinosylvin and other flavonoids, can bring 
about a 
significant reduction in heart rate. 
According to the latest scientific study, a Swiss stone pine sleeping system 
can save 
you up to 3,500 heart beats per night, improving your sleep-quality and making your nights more restful 
restorative! The s
tudy also indicates that 
beds and furnishings made of Swiss stone pine tend to reduce meteorosensitive 
to weather conditions). 

Your personal oasis
made of Swiss Stone pine (Arve)
Insider's' tip q blockbuster. Both in Europe Arve is getting more and more known. In Austria, Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland 
Arve is a mega hit. Every now and then in the news for its ability to reduce heart rate, the smoothness of the wood, its beautiful exterior 
and its unique fragrance. The scent of Arve  provides relaxation and well-being.
Worldwide Arve is more or less Insider's tip.
 Most Arve sites are in German. For the interested audience I am providing the German Keywords. 
In German Swiss stone pine is called Arve or Zirbe. To get used to its German names I will address
the descriptions with Arve. When doing your own research q Google you will need some more German
keywords as follows: Arven bett or Zirben bett (Swiss stone pine wood bed), Arven or Zirben 
Schlafsysteme ( Swiss stone pine wood sleeping system), Arven möbel or Zirben möbel 
(Swiss stone pine wood furnishings) 

What else does the page offer?
1. Beautiful beds & furnishings
2. Arve, the tree
3. Tips and tricks. Wood care and furniture 
care cleaning for Arve Wood.

Emo design for
gruene erde

To live one's dream in 
Arve. Designed by Forcher 

A traditionell parlor in the Swiss Alps. All furnishings in Arve.

The Arve bench by world famous designer Rolf Sachs

Duri VIital, a Swiss Architect who restores traditional Swiss Buildings in close 
communion with nature. 
duri vital

Ramon Zanger's Spler Ramn Zanger

Arve room (Zirben Stube) @ Bio and Wellness Hotel Stanglwirt 
stangl wirt


Arve very trendy by picus

Made of pure Arve wood by Forcher 

A traditionell parlor in the Austrian Alps. Paneling and furnishings made of Arve

A gorgeous holiday chalet in the Swiss Alps.
 il tabla

- Il Queder- Club table made of Arve, Spruce, Larch and natural stone Serpentine. 
Design Ramon Zanger ramon zanger

Il Tabla - the funky kitchen

The starter Kit. Now if you wanna have all Arve benefits, but do not want 
to remodel your apartment. The ZirbenLüfter®-CUBE pure serves best.
zirben lüfter cube

Rolf Sachs -History-

Swiss stone pine (Arve, Zirbe, Zirbelkiefer,
 Pinus cembra)

The Swiss stone pine is one of the most beautiful and at the same time rarest trees in the Alps. The tree grows to
 between 12 and 25 meters and forms the treeline, often together with the larch tree. The needles of the Swiss 
stone pine are 
five to eight 
centimeters long and five of the needles are located on a dwarf shoot, resistant to 
temperatures of down to 
minus 50 degrees Celsius. The cones, which grow upright on the tree, reach a size of six to 
centimeters. In order to flourish, the Swiss stone pine needs raw humus soil which is also the reason it is mainly 
found in 
the Central Alps and Carpathian Mountains. A special feature of this rare beauty is that they grow 
become up to 1,000 years old and only bloom in June and July every six to ten years.

How to treat Arve furnishings
wood care and furniture care cleaning
The main goal is to keep Arve wood alive and clean. Its typical odor, carrier of its bio-active substances, 
must be protected and must be refreshed.
Most beds and furnishings are sold without any coating. If you live in a modern environment with central
heating and air condition you have to coat the wood. Otherwise all Arve benefits get lost.-
  .Natural coating based on vegetable open-pored, non-film forming wood preservative oil.
The secret of a robust and high-quality natural wooden furnishings is the oiled surface.
Due to the oil consisting of completely natural substances, the wood cures from the 
inside out, the pores remain open, and the wood remains alive.
Two types of oil serve best 
Boiled linseed oil (BLO) tends to be the cheaper of these two oils, and since raw 
oil can take a very long 
time to dry, heavy-metal driers (cobalt/manganese salts) are added to 
drying process in wood. For something closer to a true 
boiled linseed oil without 
chemicals, try something like Tried and True Original Wood Finish, which is FDA approved 
direct food contact in both its cured and uncured state.
Tung oil is very similar. Eventually tung oil dries faster.
 Make sure no chemicals are added.
Add 40 drops of natural Swiss stone pine oil
 swiss stone pine oil per half liter.
First of all. The surface must be dry and clean. The coating can be done with a brush or a 
cotton rag. 
Work with the grain. Make sure to remove abundant oil after fifteen to thirty minutes. The drying process depends 
on the ambient temperature, air moisture and the wood surface. The process has to be done twice. Round two the 
next day. As this method is based on pure nature it can take up to two weeks before the wood is completely dry.
Rule of thumb, 1 liter per 12 m²-15m²
Caution! Due to oxidation process the brush / rag may get very hot. Sometimes burns. Wash 
them promptly.
Where it works:  These oils give a rich warmth to the wood surface, and linseed oil in particular tends to accelerate and 
exaggerate the natural patina of the wood. They tend to impart a satiny sheen that isn’t too glossy, replicating a “natural” 
wood look. However, because it’s in the wood rather than on it, these oils don’t offer the best protection and wear/moisture 
and should be used on places that receive minimal wear, or on pieces where fresh coats of oil can easily be 
What does it mean: Bed and furnishings should be oiled, either with boiled linseed oil or tung oil and natural Swiss 
pine oil.
The floor: Look for a non-toxic, environmentally friendly hard oil coated solution. Architonics web page is a great choice
to find the right Arve floor. 

care cleaning
The modern environment with central heating and air condition requires repeated coating. I 
recommend. Once a year. When the cooling season is a long one. You should do the coating twice 
a year.
What methods?
1. The above mentioned method with natural oil and some drops of Swiss Stone Pine oil.
The sweet smell of Arve must be cognizable. Best done with a cotton rag dipped in the 
oil mixture. The proceeding has to be done only once.
2. Natural furniture wax. The ingredients : refined natural beeswax, linseed oils and 
genuine turpentine. Don't forget to add sufficient Swiss Stone Pine Oil. The odor must be 
recognizable. Natural furniture wax can be used to clean and revive the natural color 
of the wood and enrich the patina on the finest furniture. Apply with a soft cloth to a 
small area at a time, working with the grain. Polish off immediately with a clean soft 
cloth to produce a deep rich sheen.
For reconditioning I prefer wax. A thin film will do. 
Caution! Due to oxidation process the cloth may get very hot. Sometimes burns. Wash 
the cloth promptly.
Dust off like all other furnishings.
Stains have to be removed immediately with a soft rag and water.
Stubborn stains with warm water and curd soap. 
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