-  A  r t e -

  We started the project Arte in March  2015.

Pablo Picasso once said . " Art is the lie that enables us to see the Truth."
Absolutely correct. I may add my own thoughts. I expect art to provoke in a metaphorical sense. To be thought provoking. Art's 
humanitarian goal is to be a challenge for  people to people dialogue. On the other hand I expect  art to indulge the senses.

Indulge the senses - The second  artist we present would fit  into the scheme. Yet there is more to read in the children' s eyes.

Kitsch or and art? Both and I like it! Represented trough the last artist we have added to our art page this year.

We will continue this project . This means that we will add at least three more artists to our web page next year. Along the line 
you will find contrasts. The sole reason opposites attract.

lotta schwerin