The Dream Factory
 How to incorporate Dreams into the project home design 

Remembering your dreams will require some efforts on your part.

This beautiful bed is a rare masterpiece of Mario Ceroli

First of all. Before you fall asleep, remind yourself that you want to remember your dreams.
Make your dream  -  the mark of birth -  for being creative !

The following Techniques will be a great help to get into the right mood.
    • Getting plenty of sleep is the first step to good dream recall.
    • Keep a dream journal. Recording dreams starts with patience. Pick your journal carefully and make sure it speaks to you. For example; I am using a dear diary, bound in dark brown leather.
    • Keep the journal and your dedicated pen by the bed. Writing your dreams down as soon as you wake up is one of the best ways to remember them.
    • Give your dreams a title. 
    • Use picture instead of words. What could happen. Your dream is about your bedroom. Now you only see colors. Perfect. The outcome could be the color your brain feels cosy with. . As told - remember your dreams needs practice. Be patient. Have an other try. Maybe your desired bed appears. So you get a puzzle. And you may put the parts together.
Dreams seem to be more about what the brain calculates as most important. Arguable, this can be what you spent most of the day thinking 
about, but it need not. When decorating or furnishing your home you are exactly in the right mood to get a dream who deals with "lining
a nest". Postscript : Our  - clickbar  offers wonderful home accessories.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. 
Eleanor Roosevelt 
I have added some thoughts concerning furnishing .
It is always good when predisposing oneself for a dream.  The following incentives of home design are to understand as 
wildcards for your own ideas. 

Furnishing is more than just putting Parts together.
It's coming up with ideas, testing the essentials and 
perfecting the super - struct,
 as well as final assembly.

- Final  Assembly - Do not miss
 all those knickknacks witch ya let the sun shine ;-)

" Decorating golden rule : live with what you love. "

Salvador Dali once said :
" Have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it. "