How to arrange pictures on the wall 

 To get on top among picture arrangers, there is one rule to follow. 

How to arrange pictures on the wall
      The Golden Ratio
  Before I get into it, the basic idea of arranging your home. There is no stand alone object in a room.  Floor, wall, ceiling and every piece of furniture correspond to each other. Adjacency is the magic word. Once you  
    have  determined the right size for each space, figure out which spaces need to be near each other. 
     The rule, my personal mantra, called the " Golden Ratio " .  Put more simply. The science of perfect distances.

Picture arranging is always one of those "arts" that either you're good or not.
  Nope!       We are all equally good or bad at estimating size or distance if we have praciced.                         Time for the Golden Ratio.
The Golden Ratio principle recognizes that the most pleasant arrangements require dividing the length of an area between 1/2 and 1/3. For example, if you are creating a vignette or a tabletop arrangement, don't place it directly in the center of the table or shelf. Placing accessories   
off-center is ultimately more visually appealing. The following terms are important for your understanding.
  • The Golden Proportion exists between a small and a large segment: The proportion of the small segment to the large is the same as the proportion of the large segment to the sum of both. If the small segment is 1 unit and the large unknown, the proportion can be stated algebraically:  1/x  = x/(1+x)   Expressed either way, the Golden Proportion is the only number that is equal to its reciprocal  ± 1.
  • Golden Rectangle: The Golden Proportion is the basis of the Golden Rectangle, whose sides are in the Golden Proportion to each other. The Golden Rectangle is considered to be the most visually pleasing of all rectangles. For this reason, as well as its practicality, it is used   extensively in all kinds of design, art, architecture, advertising, packaging and engineering. Therefore it can be found in almost every  plain vanilla object. 
  • The Golden Spiral is very similar to Fibonacci spiral but it is based on a series of identically proportioned Golden Rectangles, each having a Golden Ratio of 1.618 of the length of the long side to that of the short side of the rectangle. The Nautilus spiral is not a Golden Spiral but  often has Golden Ratio proportions.
Golden Spiral in rectangles

  Plain Vanilla      When buying the New Microsoft Surface, I was amazed by seeing how the packing is organized. Exactly!  The Golden Rectangle.  So, I'm telling you something very common. Might be, the name is new to you. Before you get started read  my     
D for design and  Furnishing Plan to get it easy. Furthermore I have chosen a selection of gorgeus samples. It is my way of starting a project. I am hunting for stunning models. Well, I don't copy them, but they have some influence on my projects. 
Consider the room as whole. The interaction between furniture, light and pictures has to be well balanced. I'd like to mention the classik version of hanging pictures, namely, arrange them in a row. Great, you can even staple pictures of  similar size 
in two or three rows above each other. This gives an extraordinary touch. Now what kind of samples do we have? I have placed  an extraordinary cluster with pictures hanging not directly on the wall. The visual appearance changes when 
attaching  pictures in some distance to the wall. Now what kind of samples do we have?  How to arrange 3 picture on the wall. How to arrange pictures of different size on the wall. How to arrange pictures of the same size on the wall. 
Arranging accessories and lots of  further useful ideas.  You might also be interested in how to arrange home accessories. Just follow the link:  How to arrange home accessories . Interested  in trendy home accessories? Check out our

The ongoing page is organized as follows:  

1. Samples with the Golden Spiral
2. Usefull typs and tricks - how to hang pictures on the wall -
3.  Example Photos. The gallery is rankt from how to hang one picture on the wall, 2-3-4 pictures, 5 and more pictures and some wall hacks. Wall hacks include  gorgeous frame ideas, freaky picture arranging concepts and how to hang plants on the wall.

The kitchen. I am not friend with arranging pictures on the kitchen's wall. So I am presenting what I like best. A glass wall with a motive or maybe a wall tatoo. What about colorful tiles or utensils nicly arranged? Lack of space, a kitchen pegboard is the optimal solution.

    A bathroom with the certain something.  I have added samples - how to arrange pictures and plants in the bathroom.

    The bedroom. Where your dreams are at home. Pictures in the bedroom have two jobs. To make you feel cosy at night and in the morning their job is a warm welcome to the new day.

    Small Space needs special management.  For example. Your bedroom is very small, why not using your wardrobe as "wall art"? Example @ Wall hacks at the bottom of  the page.

 Golden Spiral in rectangles - examples 
The golden rectangle divides into a square and a smaller golden rectangle.
Right image: Cutting up a golden rectangle.
The rectangle gives birth to two similar children, of different sizes, and a square.
Right image: As we subdivide we produce more rectangles with a 1.325 ratio.
And again. And again.
2 rectangles with pictures 
Rectangular polar grid
Rectangular polar grid
The Nautilus. Over it the Golden Spiral. What I wanna say:
-  don't be more royalist than the king when hanging your
pictures! -
 How to start picture hanging on the wall 
First of all
What & Where
What pictures do I wanna hang on this particular wall?
Where on the wall should they hang?
Keep the decisions process easy. Use cardboards as placeholder 
for pictures. When done, keep the placeholders for a while, so
that you can decide in comfort whether you like it or not.
 The tools 
Three Tools plus used cardboards, and masking tape.
The Tools: 1 folding meter stick, 1 ladder and 1 cross laser.
I am recommending the cross laser, because it's the easiest way to 
determine the exact placement of the picture. You get a high quality 
indoor cross laser for less than 40 dollars. Caution when using 
the laser. Do not stare into the beam!

Horizontal and vertical position fixed with the laser. Horizontal distance with the folding meter stick.

Do the pictures hang correct?

Exact adjustment with the laser.

1. One picture on the wall

So this is a great idea when placing a prominent family member on the wall

a picture frame with a polar grid for your holiday memories 

a collage frame for your loved ones 

so cool

the eye catcher

tone one tone

the Golden Ratio in home design

2. Two pictures on the wall

exact - the Golden Ratio.

a prominente place for the family

one can see how pictures and furniture interact

family & fun

cool and clear for the working space

 the ultimate blend of size

 built-in unit and pictures in harmony

3. Three pictures on the wall

with imagination and creativity

here you are the Golden Ratio

your loved ones very specially framed


and relax in your very own garden

eye catching  -  a little in front of the wall.

your personal animal farm

click me for the clickbar***** trendy accessories 

 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 
     hanged and done ! 
      I am always chasing for good ideas. So if you wanna share your very special picture arrangement project on our site. Feel free to send an e-mail to the following address:

4. Four pictures on the wall

For this graphic I was using the Golden Spiral and I am not exactly there
where I should be. Will tell you why 👇🏻

Here I am using the polar grid. And I am a bit out of range.
The Golden Ratio, in other worlds the Golden Comfort factor for
one's eye is the best possible opportunity to arrange every square
meter at home, in construction and design.
So I am correct when saying the Golden Ratio is super -
But in home design we do not count every millimeter!
To feel good in one's nest is the  precept!

at home in Pisa; NY, London and Paris

the flying carpets


a prefab and it looks so good

Golden Ratio again and gorgeous 

5. Five pictures & more

The comfort factor. Top-notch because the five pictures are not exactly within 
the Golden Rectangle

well arranged within the bookshelf 

the polar grid in black with 6 pictures

in rank and file - no need


the royals

old style

the kids artwork deserve attention


soft and warm for the baby room

for family & friends

the staircase - great experience

the perfect place for your loved ones 

the vintage collection

two ideas how to decorate the bathroom with pictures

gorgeous, isn't it ?