F for Furnishing 
 how to plan remodeling and furnishing of your apartment

my brand new home

 The basic cornerstones of the home furnishing planning process 

  For the model planning process I have chosen an apartment with 5 rooms and secondary rooms

There is a logical order in which renovation works should be undertaken.

Checklist what has do be done where.

The Masterplan
Column one and two are the tasks for the Masterplan - how to remodel  my 
apartment -The third column  is part of the detail planning for each room. 
See the matrix below the Masterplan. You may add a fourth column  with 
the costs.

The Three W Matrix
I am doing my job with the - three W matrix -
What job has to be done in the room.
Where - the exact place in the room.
When - the time frame
To see how it works, I have chosen the living 
room for  the model.

You might be interested in the - design - component of home furnishing.
If you'd like follow the arrow for the virtual tour 

When I start a new project. I use for myself a
 picture guideline. 

Put down my very first idea on a notepad with my pencil.

Finally. Few notepads later. The new baby is born. Time for 
a sum up on the computer. 

Time to plant.

Noble exclusivity is not a matter of the costs. It is a 
of your creativity. Old items found at your local 
organisation, Restored by your local craftsman 
-eye catcher - . 
"What,where, at what price did she get it?" 
Costs, I may add one thought. Do not over-stress your 
account. You will exactly get what you want. 

- Rome wasn't build in a day -

What about adding your desired couch next year? 


What about adding your desired couch next year? 


1. Pole Position 
to get into the right mood I use beautiful pictures.
Again the furnishing planning tour in pictures.


Blend a bright splash of style with a bold fashion
attitude and add a surprising touch of fun!
Once in awhile I get inspired and finish my act 
with the hillbilly hoedown.
Loretta Lynn
Inspiration is the most 
important part of creativity!
Joan Miro's wall tapestries. Gorgeous, Isn't it?

Clutter Cluster
 Let me start with Eleanor Roosevelt.
With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.
Extracting the core.
Choose the colors for room and furnishings.

Daylight reveals color ;
artificial light drains it.
Helena Rubinstein
Light Event
Chose the lightning design for the apartment.

Chose all kind of furnishings.

Lean back and enjoy
for the final adjustment.

Time for  
Anna Lindgren and Katja Sävström show where it's at. 

Anna Lindgren and Katja Sävström from Front Design at the project  -Materialized Sketch Furniture-.

Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward; 
they may be 
But they may start a 
winning game.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Work in progress. This gorgeous sextant  leads the way for remodelling the apartment. 

"Self-trust is the first secret of success." 
all the best and a lot of success
Questions and
suggestions are
always welcome.  
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