D for Design
The essentials of lightning design
d for design lightning design

 D for Design    
The essentials of lightning design

Always trust in your instincts . Design is very subjective and personal; therefore there is no wrong design. Have  fun decorating  your  home and  don't be afraid to take risks. 
Be faithful to your own taste . Be careful not to chase trends or try to keep up with the design of your friend's home. The deal is to arrange geometrical shapes, colors and light.

Color balance

When a color dominates its immediate surrounding in terms of hue, intensity  and value, it can create imbalance . If we visualize color in terms of weight ,we can readily imagine 
that an area of dominant color is heavier than an equal area of subordinate color . In developing a balanced color scheme , it is important to take into account  the
" weight "  of each color .

Light - lightning design

- the nab of the mater . For each room or area to be lighted, consider the activities that  will take place there .  We make distinction between  
ambient   lightning , accent lightning and task lightning .

- Ambient lightning 

can brighten and  enhance the glow of the rooms . Lanterns and wall sconces  can render an ambient lighting effect. . 

-  Accent lightning

 highlights the architectural  features  of a home  like the walls and objects in the room . LED spotlights and table 
lamps create accent effect lightning .

Task lightning 

incorporated in interior design provides localized lightning  in special  task areas . This is generally used in work 
spaces to aid you in performing your daily tasks .

-Layer your lightnings- 

The easiest way to have  layered  lightning is to use all three  types of lightning. Layered lightning is archived when the 
entirety of a  room has an overall  glow without daunting shadows. There must also be pops of interest, either with the 
attractiveness of the fixture , or the 
brightness and shape of a glow.

Example is the best precept

Just follow the arrows for the sample gallery

- Light experience 

an easy to use tool for your experiment with various lamps from Philips. Bedroom, living room, the kitchen, 
bathroom. They are all there. Hundreds of lamps to choose the right lightning effect. 

The page is in German language. No prob. The only thing you need to know is room, recently viewed
and full Screen.

Raum wählen = chose the room  
kürzlich angesehen = recently viewed  
Vollbild = fullScreen  

Off you go : philips.com

- Ambient lightning 

Ambient lightning, the light surrounding an environment or subject

landscaped interior with warm white LED''s

a special touch for the rooftop apartment

background lighting with trees

-  Accent lightning

 Accent lightning focuses light on a particular area or object

warm white for cosy atmosphere

subtle for a decent dinner

inspiring, white furniture and warm white lightning

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Task lightning 

Jacques-Émile Ruhlmann's draft of a dining room from 1926
leads the way 

Task lighting should be free of distracting glare and shadows and should be bright enough to prevent eye strain 

decent and clear

the ultimate blend

exactly where needed

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 - Layer your lightnings - 

Superimpose the three types of lightning
Ambient lightning - Accent lightning - Task lightning 

warm and cosy

fancy funky

ready for the after hour party

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Lightning hacks

  illuminated furnishings

industrial design 

concealed lighting

a funky luster

ground control

every days Halloween

indirect lighting

Cinderellas bedroom 

one spot- three types of lightning

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