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The designer of the month January 2017 

Marina Bautier

A fantastic overview of her work 
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Marina Bautier
" I like wood because it is a very natural and organic material. Every piece of wood is different and it ages beautifully."

Bautier studied at the Buckinghamshire New University and started her studio in Brussels in 2003.  She designed for Belgian 
and international labels such as Swedese, Ligne Roset, Idee and Stattmann Neue Moebel. In 2013 Bautier launched her own label 
and showroom called Bautier. Inspired by Scandinavia and Asia, she creates functional but elegant no-frills furniture and 
has a soft spot for working with pale wood.

Cruiser Easy Chair from 'Swedese' 

Stilt for the 
Japanese brand IDEE

Marina Bautiers own dining room

Wall mirror with cherry wood veneered border for Ligne Roset

Marina Bautiers living room

The workshop room

The Dimanche 

Stilt for IDEE

Stilt dining room

Dimanche completely Eco-friendly

Dimanche with a cozy corner

Lap Shelving for Case Furniture

Once more a brief look into Marina Bautiers home

Oak bed and side table from Marina Bautiers first collection design @ Google +